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Convince yourself in our live demo.

With our demonstrator1 we want to give you a feeling how Klubraum feels in real life.

Try it out

With the demonstrator, you can try out Klubraum at your leisure and get a first impression of how you can use the app for your club.

Demo Features & Privacy

Not all features of the app are available in the demonstrator.

Everything you do is only visible to you and will not be transmitted to Klubraum.

1To make our demonstrator run directly in the browser, we have accepted some compromises in terms of performance and fluidity. The real Klubraum app for Android and iOS runs natively and thus orders of magnitude smoother than this demonstrator.

Book a demo meeting

Would you like to be shown the most important features of Klubraum or get a detailed introduction to our app for groups and clubs and have all your questions answered? We are happy to take time for you and are available for a video call.

Book meeting now!

Works On

Klubraum works on many different devices.

iOS Screen


iOS 11 or newer

Android Screen


Android 5 or newer



iPadOS 11 or newer

Web Browser shown on Laptop Screen


Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

Digital club life doesn't have to be hard.

Klubraum is kind of like your own secure social network - and therefore makes it easy for you to bring your communication and organization together online in one place. With Klubraum, you can actively take your club life and togetherness to new dimensions.
And best of all: Klubraum is and remains free of charge.