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Get clarity into the chaos.

The team calendar is the central place for all club events. Instead of many individual calendars, all events that are relevant for you and your peers are collected here.

No more scheduling chaos – keep an overview on all events with their participants and get relevant event information hassle free.

Select the event location on Google Maps, add a web link and upload documents like workout plans or meetings agendas so that everybody just knows everything.

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Effortless event creation

Create new events in seconds and invite other members, selected areas or the entire club with a few clicks.

Your event repeats every first Tuesday of the month? Klubraum let's you create recurring events with ease, be it weekly, monthly or yearly.

Stay in control

The group calendar in Klubraum makes it easy for you as an organizer to keep track of your event.

Features such as commitments, limited places, carpools, waiting lists, etc. support you in successful and stress-free planning.

Allow children and guests

Your club has many offers to minors? You openly invite guest to join training session or rehearsals?

Parents can easily register their children, user can easily add guests as participants to events.


with ease and overview

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Digital club life does not
have to be hard

Lean on Klubraum to ease your organization and to achieve real social connectedness.

Sync your calendar.

Want to have all your events in one place? Klubraum allows to sync your club events with your device calendar.

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iOS Calendar Sync
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Easy switching between features
Form carpools.

Help saving our planet and form carpools to get to out-of-town events together.

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Push & E-Mail Notifications


What can I use Klubraum for?

The app Klubraum offers several features that can help you improve organization and communication within your club and make it more effective. Here are some of the most important features:

1. communication: Klubraum offers a chat feature specifically tailored for large groups and clubs. The ability to select the target group and create topic-based chats allows communication to be well structured.

2. calendar and scheduling: Klubraum offers a clear calendar view where appointments and events can be managed and shared. Many organizational matters, such as carpooling or participant management, can be managed directly through the app.

3. member list: In Klubraum, each member can create a profile, allowing other club members quick and easy access to their contact information. This also enables quick communication with each other.

What are the advantages of communicating via Klubraum compared to a WhatsApp group?

Klubraum offers many features that are specifically tailored to the needs of clubs. These include structured communication. Chaos can quickly arise in a large WhatsApp group and an overview is quickly lost over many small WhatsApp groups. With Klubraum, in contrast, structured organization is possible through topic-and/or group-based chats. In these, events, tasks or other topics can be discussed with the appropriate target group. So while WhatsApp may be suitable for smaller groups, Klubraum can be particularly helpful for larger clubs with more complex organizational structures.

What are the benefits of the board?

Klubraum can be used to facilitate communication among board members aswell as with the rest of the club. In a private area, board members can discuss topics that are not of interest to the rest of the club. Likewise, information can be sent to the entire club, individual departments or individual members with just a few clicks. Board meetings, from scheduling to protocol, can also be easily organized in Klubraum.

Is Klubraum free of charge?

Yes, you can use Klubraum free of charge and its base functionality (chat, calendar, carpooling) will always stay free. However, in the future we plan to add additional features, which will be available for a small and decent fee.

Is Klubraum compliant with the GDPR?

Yes, Klubraum is GDPR compliant. Klubraum does not sell any data and does not share it with third parties for other purposes. Furthermore, our servers are located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and hosted by a European data center provider. 

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