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The story of how we got started on Klubraum

We're a startup, but we're not just any startup. We're all about the club experience—how it feels to be part of an amazing team, how it feels to run a race, how it feels to get lost in the moment. And we're passionate about helping people feel those things in new ways that they might not have thought possible before.


How it all began...

Steffen, the founder of Klubraum, is an endurance athlete and former competitive triathlete and cross-country skier.

But he's also been an active member of the sports club Karlsruher Lemminge for years — and as a former board member and trainer, he knows how challenging it can be to coordinate schedules and carpools with a busy social life.

So when Steffen found himself facing those same challenges at his own club, he decided to do something about it.

Karlsruher Lemminge e.V.


Steffen's Determination

Unfortunately, no available app seemed to be the solution for the issues that Steffen's club faced. 

But Steffen had a dream: to create a club app that would do everything his club needed it to do.

As Steffen is also a software engineer and entrepreneur, and he knew the power of technology to better people's lives—he'd seen it before in his own projects, he knew he could bring that same kind of power to his club.

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Let's start testing

We're proud to say that the first version of Klubraum has had its first run at the SOLA Relay in Zurich, and we couldn't be more excited about it.

The SOLA is a relay race with 14 participants per team, so you can imagine the amount of planning and organization required to make this event happen.

With the help of Klubraum, we were able to keep track of every single detail and make sure that every runner had everything they needed at each step of their journey.

Even though this was a test run for us as well, it was incredibly successful—we received a lot of positive feedback from all of the participants!


BSB Future Award

After winning the Future Award of the Badischer Sportbund, we knew we had to keep going.

Klubraum was created to help clubs and their members be more efficient and connected.

The app helps with communication between coaches, players and parents. It also helps with planning games, training schedules and more.

Sportbundtag des BSB


It's show time

Klubraum is finally live and we're ready to share our vision on a new way to manage your club and all your teams!

It's not just a calendar, it's a whole ecosystem of features designed to help you stay organized, communicate with your members, and make sure everyone has a good time.

Klubraum is the solution to all the problems Steffen's club had over the years—we're just glad someone finally built it!

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Challenges are there to be overcome

As the app took off and more clubs decided to use Klubraum, the pandemic put a stop to club life for the time being.

And while we know it’s hard on everyone involved—from club members all around the world to Klubraum itself—we’re not letting this stop us from continuing our mission: truly connecting people who love club life and coming together as a team.

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The only way is up

Klubraum has always been about providing the best possible experience for its users, and so when Corona regulations became increasingly strict, we knew it was time to take a step back and do some soul-searching.

We took this time to really think about what our users need from us, and how we can deliver on those needs in the most effective way possible while still staying true to our core values as an organization.

And now? Now we're back and better than ever!

We are proud that our application is being used by many different (sports) clubs in Germany and around the world!



Klubraum is the app that brings clubs together and makes them stronger.
We've already helped over 35,000 people in more than 5000 clubs get connected—and we're just getting started! Ready to be truly connected? Then let us partake in the journey of your club.

We’re driven by our values

Look at the core values of Klubraum and how the app can benefit you and your team.

User Focus

User Focus

Klubraum is designed to bring added value to clubs - or more precisely, to the people who devote time and energy to the club. Exactly these people come first, from the conception of new ideas to the support.

Hand in Hand


Klubraum was made for its users and does everything to deserve their trust. We therefore rely on an honest and transparent way of working that always keeps our users and their needs in mind.

Customer ease of use

Ease of Use

Klubraum is designed to make the life of all club members easier, and to be accessible and easy to use for everyone. Therefore, Klubraum is forever free to use in its basic functions and is constantly being improved to be even more valuable.

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The data of Klubraum is absolutely secure, always stays with us and is only processed in the interest of our users. In the app, we also make sure that our users always have control over what data is shared with others and what information is better left private.

Steffen Haak, Founder & CEO

We’re a results
driven team.

We might be a small team, but we are driven by the goal to create and constantly improve the best possible app for clubs and private groups out there.

Steffen, Founder & CEO of Klubraum

Get started with Klubraum today.

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