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Is Klubraum free of charge? Is there a maximum number of members? We are happy to provide you with answers to these and many more of your questions!

Is Klubraum free of charge?

Yes, you can use Klubraum free of charge and its base functionality (chat, calendar, carpooling) will always stay free. However, in the future we plan to add additional features, which will be available for a small and decent fee.

Is Klubraum compliant with the GDPR?

Yes, Klubraum is GDPR compliant. Klubraum does not sell any data and does not share it with third parties for other purposes. Furthermore, our servers are located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and hosted by a European data center provider. 

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Is my data secure?

Yes, all your data is well protected, stored redundantly and backed up daily.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of members when using Klubraum?

There is no minimum number of members for Klubraum. Most of the advantages of Klubraum over other apps are already noticeable with 10 or more members.

We also do not restrict the maximum number of members. However, there currently is a technical limit of just over 16,000 members. If you expect more than 10,000 members for your Klubraum, please contact our support team.

Who is Klubraum aimed at?

Klubraum is aimed at clubs, groups and teams of all kinds. Whether you are part of a larger club or a private sports group, Klubraum supports you and facilitates your communication and organization.

What is special about Klubraum?

Klubraum was born out of the desire to be able to use a clear, user-friendly and central app for your own club, with which every member has easy access to all relevant information. 

By focusing on a clear target group and the approach to bundle all functions in one app, Klubraum is more elegant and easier to manage than using WhatsApp, Google Calendar and other free apps.

As a parent, can I also register my children?

Yes, in Klubraum parents can register their underage children in their account. This makes it easy for them to sign in their children for club events on their behalf.

Can external guests also be signed in for events?

Yes, (external) guests can be added to the participant list of an event. This function can be enabled or disabled individually for each event.

Does every club member have to download the Klubraum app to use Klubraum?

No. Klubraum is available both as a modern web application in the browser and as a mobile app for Android and iOS. The browser variant has an almost identical range of functions and is even functional offline as a progressive web app. For all smartphone users, we recommend installing the mobile app.

Can I synchronize the Klubraum calendar with my smartphone calendar?

Yes, the calendar of Klubraum can be synchronized with device calendars from Android as well as with the iOS calendar. Here you can also select that only committed events of the personal calendar are synchronized.

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